Gardening Tips

Maintenance Tips for your Spring To-Do List

  • Clean up fallen branches and trees from the winter storms.
  • Prune any dead or damaged branches remaining on trees. Evergreen foliage that is brown and brittle must be removed. On deciduous branches, check to see if branch is dead by scratching the bark to see if it is a healthy green colour, or if fresh buds are starting to form. Prune out the branch if it isn’t green under the bark. Branch will be dry and brittle and will snap.
  • Remove any plants that show too much damage.
  • Check for any evidence of animals and rodents attacking your gardens. Be pro-active, re-act quickly to protect your investment. There are several products that may help you.
  • Animal repellant
  • Tree guards
  • Lac Balsam – “an environmentally friendly membrane developed specifically to heal tree wounds. It acts as replacement bark allowing the tree to breathe while promoting natural callousing and healing of the wound.
  • Fertilize any stressed plants to help them recover and grow stronger. See that they also receive the proper watering.
  • Repair any salt damage to lawns.
  • Rake lawns free of debris and dead thatch. If you see any tunneling in your lawn, it may be from moles searching for grubs as it is their food source over winter. You may need to apply Beneficial Nematodes, if that is the case. See our section on Beneficial Nematodes For Grub Control for further details.
  • If you are not re-seeding your lawn, apply corn gluten to prevent crabgrass seeds and other weed seeds from germinating.
  • Next, visit our Garden Centre and add some fresh colour with our fragrant pansies and primroses. Available around the first week of April.