Healthy Lawns

Reasons for Keeping a Lawn

More and more people are getting frustrated with maintaining their lawns and are considering changing over to flowerbeds or hardscapes. While flowerbeds still have many benefits, hardscapes installed over a large percentage of your property can have some drawbacks.

  • Keeping your lawn can help you control the climate. Lawns are cooler than the hard surfaces of paving, concrete or gravel.
  • Grass blades can trap dust particles and smoke and with rain, they are washed away into the soil and kept out of the air.
  • Provides soil erosion control.
  • Prevents storm water run-off when you have a healthy lawn.
  • Traps air pollution and generates oxygen.
  • Filters water before it reaches waterways or drainage systems.
  • Lawns help to reduce injuries by cushioning the impact from falls.
  • Grass clippings add organic matter to the soil.
  • Lawns are tough and can withstand foot traffic.

Steps to Take to Maintain a Healthy Lawn

Improve soil for best results. A healthy lawn starts with a good soil base.