Deciduous Trees

Deciduous trees can grow from 15 to 75’ tall plus. If planting a tree for the purpose of shading a certain area of your yard is your objective, then the height and width of a tree, and placement will determine where the shade will be cast. Choose a tree suited to the size of your property. Consider the height and width that the tree will grow to at maturity. Place it far away enough from a building, so as not to cause any damage to the foundation, walls or windows. Select a tree that will grow in the location you have. Consider hardiness zones, wind exposure, light and soil requirements, growth rate and maintenance needs.

A shade tree, because of its size, will become a focal point in your yard. From a design aspect, look at foliage colours throughout the three seasons, the blooming time and colour of flowers and seed or fruit production. If you have a pond or pool, you may also want to know how late in autumn that the leaves will fall.

Deciduous trees are available in 2 different forms – single stem or multi-stem (clump). Multi-stem trees have several main stems coming from the base of the tree and can lend a less formal look to the yard. Some examples of multi-stem varieties are Serviceberry, Red Maple, Japanese Lilac, Magnolia, Flowering Dogwood and Redbud. Clumps that do not have horizontal spreading habit can have some of the side branches pruned to maintain a more V-shaped habit, thus saving some space at ground level.

Should you have any questions, please consult with one of our horticulturists for advice.