Landscape Lighting

If you have never experienced the effect of lighting up your landscaped yard at night, then you are missing out on so much, especially when the days become shorter. The light pattern and visual effects on and under snow can be quite impressive. The lighting design is so critical, using the proper bulb in a quality fixture will result in a more natural, pleasing experience. We have all seen the affect of poor lighting! Lighting provides security around your house. Even your dog will appreciate a safer lit environment. A dark backyard is easy to trip and fall.

The biggest advancement in landscape lightings is happening now. It is the introduction of LED lights. There are great savings in this technology. They use very little energy, the bulbs almost last forever and they need very little maintenance. Now many more lights can be used on one wire run, greatly simplifying the installation. The choices for quality lights are extensive and the new LED lights have a nicer color and brightness to them than before.

Whether it is simply lighting up a pathway for safety, security or enjoying the extra time to see your property, the investment is well worth it.

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