Maintaining Your Property

Free your time while protecting your investment.

We provide many services, each package can be customized to suit each customer’s needs. We do the following services:

  • Weekly residential or commercial lawn cutting
  • Spring and fall cleanups such as leaf pickup, cutting off perennial leaves and grasses, edging, removal of dead annuals, etc.
  • Lawn and bed care such as organic fertilizing of lawn, beds and trees, weed control, nematode application for insects
  • Apply many different kinds of mulches
  • Prepare and plant annual flowers and pots
  • Bed edging by hand or by power edger
  • Small tree and plant removal
  • Rejuvenate bed areas from lack of previous care
  • Rejuvenate lawn with services such as topdressings, sodding, machine slit seeding and core aerating of your lawn
  • Proper trimming and pruning of shrubs and small trees
  • Higher quality products make a visual difference in the appearance of your property
  • Topdressing lawns with soil and seed or pelletized compost
  • Machine dethatching and cutting of lawn in one pass
  • Soil testing
  • Maintain or upgrade landscape lighting
  • Deal with problem areas like excessive shade, compaction, salt damage and poor drainage

Bed edging, mulching, fertilizing and proper plant care can really make a big difference.

Having our professional team doing the initial planting, preparation and landscaping can help to alleviate future problems. Proper soil depth and organic matter and nutrients and proper plant choice can really help your property survive a drought and all weather conditions. The result is better plant health without the invasion of weeds.

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