Snow & Ice Management

The following services are available for Industrial, commercial, residential and condominiums:

  • Snow plow large lots, small lots, condos and driveways.
  • Trucks with efficient “V” plows or big blade loaders.
  • Sidewalks and driveways can be done by hand, walk behind snow blower, or larger tractor with blowers and blades. We even have larger blades with soft edges to back drag your driveway safely.
  • Loaders and dump trucks to haul away snow or push back banks to save money.
  • Trucks with GPS, so that you have third party documentation as to when the services were done, in case of litigation.
  • Treated bulk salt applied by truck mounted spreader or bagged ice melters that are applied by hand.
  • We are there for our customers 24/7.

The snow and ice management profession can be challenging. The unpredictability of snow events and their forecasts add another level of difficulty. Our experienced team along with our specialized equipment can handle the worst of storms. Head of the snow team, Gary Hebel, has had over 40 years of experience. Many on our team have multiple years of experience and have taken “Smart about Salt” advanced training.

In our region especially, our water needs protection from salt run off. You also need protection on your property from slips and falls.

At York nursery our bulk salt has proven to be simply more effective than the rest. Since 2007, we treat our salt on our premises in our salt dome with a 100% natural product and liquid accelerator. It is a byproduct of the sugar beet. The same product is used by cities and municipalities to spray on the roadways.

How does this benefit our customers?

  • Treated salt works to -30° instead of -15° and works much faster than regular salt.
  • It is less corrosive to our trucks and surfaces.
  • The extra cost of this treatment is offset by the fact that we are using 30-40% less salt on your property. Protecting you while protecting the environment.

Our bagged ice melter is now more high tech and safer than ever. Contractors Choice, new in 2013 has smaller size particles with no fillers. The two major additives are airport runway certified, against corrosion. The third additive is X-22 corrosion inhibitor. This ice melter is one of the safest and yet melts to temperatures of -30°.

Professional Association Awards with:
SIMA (Snow & Ice Management Assoc.)

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