About Us

Edwin J. Hebel, Sr.

It all sprouted over 70 years ago, in the garage of a home on York Street in Kitchener. A man…a shovel…a love of gardening, and an unmistakable talent to turn an ordinary yard into a visual paradise! In 1946, E.J. Hebel Sr. started what is now known as York Nursery Limited. E.J. had the “green-thumb”

touch of creating exceptional garden panoramas…and winning several Horticulture Awards along the way. E.J. then began helping his neighbours create beautiful landscapes for their properties, and eventually his passion grew into a full time business!

Edwin J. Hebel, Sr.

E.J.’s three sons, Wally, E.J. Jr. (Bud) and Dave, worked alongside their father in order to learn and further refine both the skills and techniques required to make the signature landscapes that York Nursery became known for. Upon his death in 1965, E.J. had created a flourishing legacy that his sons were able to carry forward. Together Wally, Bud and Dave established the three areas that York has grown into; a Landscape Division, a Maintenance Division and a Garden Retail Centre. The brothers prided themselves – as had their father – on their personal integrity, their ability to provide personalized customer service, and, quite simply, for their love of gardening.