“We would just like to thank you all for the great job you did on our garden. The landscape crew did a superb execution of the design which Chris had created and we have received many compliments. We would not hesitate in recommending York to our new neighbours at ‘Stonecraft’ and please feel free to use our names as a reference.”
George & Lyn Heath

“Our thanks to all for their wonderful efforts in transforming a mud pile into a beautiful garden again. We are really enjoying the fruits of your labour.”
With heartfelt thanks, Helen & John

“I want to thank you and your crew for doing an outstanding job on the new plantings at ‘John’s Rock’ on the farm. As my daughter says, ‘Man, He will be so pleased’.”
Thanks again, Elkay

“Thank you so much for your generosity and expertise in making the school yard look great. May God continue to bless ‘York Nursery’ for his glory.”
Sue, FCS School

“Hi Gary – just a note to say how very much we like the landscaping – it is a complete transformation and beyond what we imagined and hoped for. The design is beautiful; we’re wandering around every night discovering new things, and tonight we had our first bird visitor to the pond. Masoud said every day how much he liked everyone on the job and how he could tell that they took great pride in their work, which makes us like it even more. A great experience; thank you very much!”
Lynne and Masoud

“Our thanks, to all, for a job well done!!”
Bill & Olena L.

“We enjoyed having the York people do a great job for us! Thanks!”
David & Rene R.

“The workers did an absolutely outstanding job! Thank them for me!”
Maria G.

“Thank you, your men did a splendid job!”
Inga B.