When installing plantings, York Nursery’s landscape professionals amend your flowerbeds with a high quality garden mix and work it into the existing soil. Plants have been fertilized. This extra attention to detail gives your plants the best chance for optimal health and growth. We all know how important a good foundation is to your house. The same applies to the soil foundation for your plants.

In the following year’s, be sure to fertilize each spring with the appropriate fertilizer. This helps plants to become stronger and more tolerant to adverse weather better. The foliage colour is brighter and the flowers are larger and more prolific. Plants that are trying to compete with the roots of trees require more food and water. They have a better chance of survival with regular fertilizer in early spring to early summer. Stop fertilizing by mid-summer, so that trees, shrubs and perennials have a chance to harden off before winter arrives. You can continue to feed your annuals longer into fall if you wish for freshest colour and blooms.