General Watering Tips

General Watering Tips For New Plantings:

  • Depending on weather conditions, water most shrubs, perennials and annuals every other day and trees possibly twice a week for the first several weeks.
  • When it is very hot, dry, sunny or windy – increase watering.
  • Concentrate water directly over the entire diameter of the root ball. Allow the water to soak down slowly. Avoid too much run-off. Go back over until you think the water has reached deep enough to reach the bottom of the root ball of each plant.
  • You will need to soak trees more because of the depth of the root ball, as opposed to annuals, perennials or small shrubs, but probably not as often.
  • Don’t assume a light rainfall has watered your plants for you – check them.
  • Continue to water as necessary during droughts.
  • Periodically, check to see how plants are re-acting.
  • Once weather cools down, you can decrease watering.
  • If you still have further questions, contact one of our experienced hortculturists for more advice.

Caring for Plants in Clay Soils

If your native soil base is clay, take care not to overwater. Once the water goes past the root ball, it may start to collect when it reaches the clay soil. This can begin to rot the roots over time. Over watering or excessive rainfalls don’t allow enough oxygen for the roots to thrive. Foliage may appear limp with a grayish to brown-black colour and continue to hang on to the branch. Allow soil to dry out more, before watering again. Our landscape professionals take care to prepare the soil properly for best drainage in your flowerbeds. You will also notice trees or shrubs planted in single holes will be raised several inches higher than the grade of your lawn to provide trees more oxygen in areas with poor drainage.

Caring for Plants in a Sandy Soil Base

If your native soil base is sandy, plants tend to dry out more quickly. Compost and a good garden mix are added to increase water retention. You will need to increase your watering volume, as well as, your frequency in watering, especially during drought, strong winds and hot, sunny days. Our landscape designers take this into consideration and will select more drought resistant plants.