Seasonal Planters

Celebrate each new season with mixed planters. By adding seasonal planters to your yard, you create a warm welcome for your family and guests.

Tired of the usual mixed planters that you see mass produced? York Nursery provides custom design services for your seasonal planters. Let us create something unique for you.

In early spring, we can hardly wait to see the first signs of spring. It’s time to add the fresh colours of cool season plants. These can include pansies, primrose, perennials and decorative branches, to name a few.

By the time late spring arrives and temperatures are getting warmer, some of the planters that preferred the cooler weather will start to decline. New designs can be created with annuals and / or tropical, or some plants can simply be switched out. It is best to wait for frost-free dates before starting. Be prepared to have some burlap or cotton sheets on hand to wrap with, in case of an un-expected frost warning. May and June offers the largest selection of flowers to choose from.

Some planters may look awesome, but if it’s been very hot and dry, some plants may be looking stressed. Autumn brings new opportunities for creativity. This is the time where you can possibly switch colour schemes to the spicy, hot colours of fall. Tall ornamental grasses, mums, asters and flowering kale are just a few new items we can use in creating your new design.

With winter soon approaching, you will want to think of replacing your fall planters. Planters left empty over the winter season look barren. Let us create distinctive designs using fresh evergreen boughs, decorative branches and other accessories. See photos of some previous designs by York. These will be sure to brighten your winter landscape.

In creating a custom design, extra thought and time is spent considering the following:

  • Choosing plants with similar light, soil and water requirements and growth habits
  • Ensuring that the composition of plants will be in scale to your container
  • Selecting plants with contrasting colours and textures in foliage and flowers
  • Using decorative branches and other accents
  • Matching the design style of the planter to your surroundings at home

As well as taking care of your planter needs, York Nursery will also plant bedding plants to enhance your flowerbeds. Relax and let us take care of all the details. All you need to do is look after the watering needs.