Broadleaf Evergreen

These shrubs retain their foliage as well, but have broadleaf foliage as opposed to needle-like. They include shrubs like Euonymus, Boxwood, Rhododendrons, Evergreen Azaleas, Blue Hollies and Yuccas. Some are known for their foliage and others for their flowering or berries.

Azaleas and Rhododendrons bloom in spring and need part shade and a rich, moist soil with good drainage. They prefer morning sun, not hot afternoon sun. They also need protection from strong winds over the winter months. To prevent windburn, protect with a burlap screen.

Hollies and Cotoneaster have striking red berries that begin in the fall and remain over winter.

Yuccas have sword-like foliage with tall spikes of bell-shaped flower clusters in summer. Foliage may be green, blue or variegated.

Euonymus is known for its foliage which can be green, golden or variegated with white or gold. They can be trimmed to maintain shape, used as a low hedge or can climb a rough surface for use as a vine.

Boxwood can also be used for a low hedge or trimmed into a globe shape. The variety Green Mountain can be trimmed into a cone or into a more ornamental feature like spirals, finials or tiered topiaries.