Evergreen Trees

Evergreen trees are cone-bearing trees which retain their needles over winter. These trees are great for creating privacy for all seasons and provide food and shelter for birds and wildlife. A lot of these trees can grow quite tall and wide. Select a tree that will suit the size of your property. Many Pine, Spruce, Firs and False Cypress can grow to 50’ tall and 25’ wide which would overwhelm a smaller yard and block many desirable views. You can find some dwarf varieties that may be more suitable. Consult with our horiculturists for some suggestions.

There are also a few cone-bearing trees that are deciduous that are called coniferous trees. These trees will change colour in autumn and then drop their needles. New needles will form the following spring. Two of these are Larch and Dawn Redwood.

Some smaller versions of evergreens, such as some varieties of pyramidal Cedars, Junipers and Yews are narrower and can be used for privacy hedges.